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Little readers' reviews

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Loved the set of books and they arrived quickly.


Love the ideas and illustrations !

Remembering Mother Nature

This is a beautiful book, with a wonderful message for kids about the environment.


Bought for my granddaughter for when the inevitable happens !

The Animal Lover's Bundle

Nature Bundle

Beautiful and meaningful
Love Mother Nature

Uncle Marlow's Machine

Uncle Marlow's Machine tackles the tricky subject of renewable energy, and allows children to imagine ways they can help make a difference by making informed decisions now and into the future. My girls and I enjoyed this book very much, and thank you for another special addition to our home library.

A beautiful book which my grand daughter loves.


Beautiful book love the story line and so do my grandchildren


A beautiful book.

Samson, C. Turtle

Very clever to get the message across to children when they are feeling anxious or unhappy.


Very good Thankyou

Beautiful Books

Everyone that has looked at the books has said "What beautiful books" my grandchildren love the books, and I love reading them to them so they learn how to treat the earth well.

In Waiting.

The books were purchased for a little one not yet born. They look amazing and we can't wait for the time they are read to the baby and loved by her.
I was smitten with the contents and am sure books will be treasured. The environmental messages are very good and dear to our hearts also, as adults.
Thank you.

Remembering Mother Earth

Given as gift though the mother thought it was great for her 2 little girls

Samson C. Turtle

A lovely gift for my 4 year old nephew for his birthday!

Nature bundle

Beautiful and delightful

A wonderful book that will be much loved over the years

This is an amazing, thought provoking book which will create some great conversations with our grandchildren as they grow up

The Day We Went Away by Stuart French and Madison Pollard

The text in Away is both lyrical and powerful. It gets the reader to think and care about their world. The message is strong, we can all be mindful and careful about what we throw away, reuse and buy. There is no magic place over the rainbow where discarded things go. One day, perhaps they won't be hidden from sight unless we change what we do.
The text has a Dr Seuss like feel as it questions the reader and gets them to think about the answers. The double page spread illustrations with their varying perspectives and dark backgrounds add multiple layers of meaning to the text. They portray the contrasts of dark and gloomy and natural and beautiful.
This is a book that can appeal to any age and can easily sit upon any home, school or library shelf.

Remembering mother nature

Excellent...very happy with both books for my grandchildren

Beautiful set of books

A truly Beautiful gift for a child growing up in todays world

Grandchildren loved them!

Lovely book, started great conversations with the kids.

It was a lovely gift


The children in our 0-3 yrs room at long daycare, were introduced as I was by my longterm colleague to the book Remembering Mother Nature, it is as strong in its message as it is in its beauty, this will reign as Number one for this generation as to how there is no planet B, and we all have a part to play.
Thank you for your wonderful staff who were very efficient.