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Our children's book authors

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Founding Authors

Ethicool was co-founded by Stuart French and Teigan Margetts, a husband and wife team based in Tasmania, Australia, and the names behind Ethicool Books' first titles. Teigan and Stu are prolific writers, passionate parents, and proud advocates of progressive children's books

Ethicool has quickly cemented itself as one of the fast growing publishing brands in the world, inspiring readers - both big and small - in just about every corner of the earth.

The people that make Ethicool special

Our eclectic, creative, and ever-growing team of literary geniuses

Born into the cantilevered land of Tasmania, Stu’s appreciation for nature was reinforced by his proximity to the island landscape’s profound natural wonders, just as it was engrained by the family in which he was raised. Now a loving father, Stu's emergent passion is for building a generation of environmentally-aware leaders, through books, words, travel, and wide-open spaces.

Read Stuart's work here.

Stuart FrenchFounding Author

Journalist, nature lover, traveller, ballerina, yogi, wife, and mum to two of the world’s most adorable little boys. I’m passionate about equality and sustainability, but I’m also scared. What will my boys’ future look like? I want them to live in a world where everyone has an equal chance to succeed. I want them to live in a world that isn’t dying.

Read Teigan's work here.

Teigan MargettsFounding Author

As a child, Irish-Indian mum and journalist, Disha Bose O’Shea moved cities frequently for her father’s job as a pilot. India is a country that is as diverse as it is intriguing, and every time Disha found herself in a new city, everything had to change: from the language she spoke, to the food she ate. 

Disha’s early experiences in India cultivated her passion for one critically important cause: diversity. Now living in Ireland, Disha’s passion for diversity led to her creating one of our most heartwarming titles yet.  

Learn to love and appreciate others with her book, Not Like Me.

Disha BoseEthicool Author

Lover of literature, Sharna Carter, has been heavily involved in the children’s book space for many years, working with other authors to perfect her manuscripts. As a mum of two, she also regularly reads to her little ones, and when she went searching for the perfect children’s book on sustainability, she was left wanting. 

Combining a character bursting with personality, and a strong message about how we can fill our own tummies without looking far beyond our own garden, Sharna’s debut picture book is as delightful as it is visually stunning. 

Fall in love with Watermelon Pip.

Sharna CarterEthicool Author

A woman of many talents, Sydney singer and mum-of-one, Clare, trained as a visual designer before transitioning to become a special needs teacher. Throughout her extensive work with children and parents, she noticed something concerning: anxiety was really holding children back. 

Up late feeding her newborn, she began to seed the idea that would eventually become her stunning debut book. What if children could deal with anxiety better, she thought, as she crafted a serene, yet deeply-meaningful rhyming story about a wise sea turtle and his adventures through the ocean. 

Enter: Samson C. Turtle and the Deep Breath.

Clare FloryEthicool Author

Preschool teacher, world traveller and lifelong lover of literature, Georgina Le Flufy, wrote her first book when she was six - and she hasn’t stopped writing! Throughout her years of travelling and living in different countries, she has developed a keen sense of curiosity about the world, and as such, wanted to explore that theme in a children’s book. 

What resulted when she sat down to write was a true masterpiece. Both an exploration of the curiosity we all feel when look through other’s windows, and a nod to the incredible work of those who keep us safe at night, Georgina’s first published children’s book is a sight to behold. 

See the world through April’s Window.

Georgina Le FlufyEthicool Author

We're always looking for new talent

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Keen to see your children's book published?

The joy of publishing a children's book knows no bounds. As an Ethicool author, you will:

> Get the chance to bring your beautiful creative idea to life with one of the world's fastest growing publishers

> Work with the world's most talented illustrators, at no cost to you. Ethicool is a traditional publisher, so, if your story is commissioned, we cover the cost of illustration, design, printing and most importantly: marketing of your book to a worldwide audience.

> See your book online and in bookstores and major retailers globally. Ethicool has multiple global distribution deals in place.

> Earn royalties. You will be paid commission every quarter for every sale made.

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Authorship FAQs

A: You start by clicking HERE to learn more.

A: At the moment we publish approximately 12 new books a year, but this number is climbing quickly.

A: We prefer Word document submissions. You are welcome to submit a query letter, as well.

A: You absolutely will! We endeavour to get back to all authors within 6 weeks. More details of our shortlisting process are available once you submit your manuscript.

A: YES. In fact most of our authors are first-time authors, we LOVE finding and supporting new talent.

A: Not right now, but we may in the future.

A: We sure do!

A: Absolutely!

A: Typically, no. However, if you'd like to submit an illustrated book, these are still accepted.

A: Yes, we do. Please use the email address to make contact and submit your folio to our team. 

A: We sure do! Book your manuscript assessment here, now!

A: Typically around 6-9 months.

A: Yes. Occasionally, we run promotions seeking submissions, but don't worry if you miss the submission dates, we accept manuscripts all year round.